Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare

Michelle Khare is a content creator, host, and actress with over 170 million views across her social media channels. A former professional cyclist, Michelle lives life to the extreme by taking on intense physical and mental challenges. Each week on her channel, Michelle documents her raw, unfiltered journey into a new community. Over the course of her videos, you'll see her train with NASA astronauts, compete in a Miss USA beauty pageant, and even join a clowning troupe. Michelle sets out to prove that with enough hard work, perseverance, and failure, anything is possible.
Michelle is the host of HBO Max’s adventure competition show Karma, set to air in June 2020.
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Michelle's 8

Michelle's 8

2 years ago

Avengers: Uber Pool
  1. Amanda Thompson

    Amanda Thompson3 hours ago

    “How do you pronounce your college” “...Dartmouth” hahah

  2. Lea Maughan

    Lea Maughan3 hours ago

    Anyone else here after she already hosted Karma?

  3. Holdini Pro

    Holdini Pro3 hours ago

    Damn what has she not done

  4. Mystic Secret

    Mystic Secret3 hours ago

    Omg I loveeeee thisss

  5. Lara Norowitsch

    Lara Norowitsch3 hours ago

    6:19 lol me

  6. Kyara Offerhaus

    Kyara Offerhaus3 hours ago

    Can you do gymnastics Please i love you video’s

  7. Janine

    Janine3 hours ago

    She inspires me to try doing different things till I find myself

  8. E.B

    E.B3 hours ago

    You've lived a full life.

  9. Youngkid

    Youngkid3 hours ago

    U did not omg WOW 😯

  10. Corpse wife

    Corpse wife3 hours ago

    Teacher: what do you wanna be when you grow up? Michelle: yes

  11. Cameron Webb676

    Cameron Webb6763 hours ago

    I wish u guys the best relationship and wedding ever

  12. Lona Tarakji

    Lona Tarakji3 hours ago

    You are amazing

  13. niamh daly

    niamh daly4 hours ago

    So good this is my second video and I’m already addicted

  14. Ross Ylitalo

    Ross Ylitalo4 hours ago

    Where is the first rink?

  15. Pernilla Edquist

    Pernilla Edquist4 hours ago

    When the fbi teacher or whatever said "seven days a week" I could not stop laughing

  16. vibesmads

    vibesmads4 hours ago

    so basically she can do anything

  17. Lizzy is Dizzy vlogs

    Lizzy is Dizzy vlogs4 hours ago

    I challenge you to try to be an equestrian I’m sure you will do great 👍🏻 bc all the challenges you do you rock them 🙂

  18. venom light

    venom light4 hours ago

    it dose not help when she is only 5,3 or 5,2

  19. Zack Olensky

    Zack Olensky4 hours ago

    imagine telling your grandchild if they said what job did you have you say professional gamer.

  20. Epic GamingSkills

    Epic GamingSkills4 hours ago

    I’m only gonna say this once..... she’s literally the jack of all trades

  21. Sunset_ Phoenix

    Sunset_ Phoenix4 hours ago

    Michelle should try learning the violin in six weeks

  22. cool_ royal26

    cool_ royal264 hours ago

    What does she mean its gonna hurt no matter what...?

  23. Lily Beep

    Lily Beep4 hours ago


  24. Banana Dog

    Banana Dog5 hours ago

    If you can roller skate you can skate on ice is what I was told I can ice skate but but me on a pair of weeks I’m on the floor in five seconds

  25. musicariess29

    musicariess295 hours ago

    Man i hope theyre still friends!

  26. Anna Peneva

    Anna Peneva5 hours ago

    Please do a professional swimmer, i am a swimmer and its a lot of work and i really would love to see you do it. If you do please give me a shoutout because i think you are so so great and it would mean so much to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. huc680ram ;qih'quc

    huc680ram ;qih'quc5 hours ago

    If you’re looking for more behind the scenes, Be sure to check out our full interview with Karma’s creator JD Roth on our podcast! uslikes.info/house/dGtp3aix0aWqeLY/video.html

  28. Donut36

    Donut365 hours ago

    My uncle is on the swat team and he is the nicest person ever. We have also done illegal things with my uncle including launching off illegal fireworks. 😂 My dad is also a Police.

  29. Chalycd _YT

    Chalycd _YT5 hours ago

    I love this video because when I show it to my sister, it made her feel proud and gave her inspiration to be better at fortnight. Now, when I play whit her she always ends up winning.

  30. Jonathan Diaz

    Jonathan Diaz5 hours ago

    All the simps are going to like this a lot

  31. the0fficial. n3lly

    the0fficial. n3lly5 hours ago

    U should train to become a Charlie's angle 💗

  32. Meaghan O'Brien

    Meaghan O'Brien5 hours ago

    22:45 OMG LOOK AT HIS NAMETAG I found j lo

  33. Jenn Miller

    Jenn Miller5 hours ago

    Oh, boy, that gas chamber. It was a little different in Navy boot camp. You filed in and stood in ranks with your division, tallest closest to the entrance/exit. They gassed the chamber (and for our group used 3x as much as usual because our Recruit Division Commanders had been bragging about our division) and had us stand in there for a while, so that we could learn to trust the mask to keep us safe. Then, they would have the whole division take off their mask and hold it straight over your head. One by one, we would go up to the RDC at the front of the room and respond to something (probably something simple like "Sir, <your name>, Sir!" and then you got to leave. Being one of the shorter people in the division (about 80 people total), I had to stand there breathing it in for longer. We had several of those big garbage cans outside for people to snot and puke into.

  34. Heyo Y’all

    Heyo Y’all5 hours ago

    did anyone else see the animal come up at 1:19

  35. Andre Arfandika

    Andre Arfandika6 hours ago

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  36. Vrunda Shah

    Vrunda Shah6 hours ago

    She is so underrated,

  37. Natasha Santana-Viera

    Natasha Santana-Viera6 hours ago

    Why did this episode make me cry 😭 I need to do some reflecting because I started crying at completely normal, non-sad moments! 😂

  38. lonely potato

    lonely potato6 hours ago

    I love the "Garrott, a Professional Drowning Victim"

  39. Lil Hax

    Lil Hax6 hours ago

    WTF are sheee mad if someone drop to rock from 10 fett or heigh she acnt hold him like that she nee stabilizate before push eather omg stupid idiots its just fake tv show ! reallife that man on rocks what drop close water are dead od wheelchair bcs of shee !!§

  40. - A

    - A6 hours ago

    is it me or is the producer trying the girl to say she is being discriminated because of her hijab

  41. MM Earlene

    MM Earlene6 hours ago

    I'm crying, this is so sweet

  42. Easy Draws

    Easy Draws6 hours ago

    I love how she keeps trying to find someone who knows Ariana Grande and her Song NASA lol! 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Brendan Schochet

    Brendan Schochet6 hours ago

    I’m on a swim team and they push us hard but this is very hard

  44. Daniela Salinas

    Daniela Salinas7 hours ago

    Dang I totally feel the same way about feeling too old and out of my prime. Whenever I go skiing or when I want to try something new. I especially feel discouraged when I try to improve my coding skills.

  45. Fini L

    Fini L7 hours ago


  46. Claire

    Claire7 hours ago

    I keep looking for the Karma on HBO MAX but I'm not able to find it is it out yet?

  47. Wadie Faddil

    Wadie Faddil7 hours ago

    I think she should try rhythmic gymnastics

  48. Play Fortnite

    Play Fortnite7 hours ago

    Go on Apollo 11

  49. Ese Gabriel

    Ese Gabriel7 hours ago

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  50. CaptainCracked

    CaptainCracked7 hours ago

    I honestly wished you played some other game other than fortnite

  51. Ya boi Nolan

    Ya boi Nolan7 hours ago

    Your such a bad ass

  52. Brooke Boynton

    Brooke Boynton7 hours ago

    16 y/o beach guard here 🥰

  53. Ray Midnight

    Ray Midnight7 hours ago

    This girls is gonn be the president everywhere when she gets to that video

  54. Wadie Faddil

    Wadie Faddil8 hours ago

    am happy she didn't get a mean Russian teacher :D

  55. Sudeep Sudhi

    Sudeep Sudhi8 hours ago

    Imagine having everything you need for successfull body transformation in one place?! Yeah, it's possible, the website called *Agoge Diet* leaves you full-packed and ready for melting off those extra pounds.

  56. Breezy Poodle

    Breezy Poodle8 hours ago

    Who do you torture yourself

  57. Sajda Nagi

    Sajda Nagi8 hours ago

    Try being an astronaut

  58. ItzBenny XD1710

    ItzBenny XD17108 hours ago

    You killed the partner dance!!!😍🥰👸🏼🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰

  59. MusicandGaming

    MusicandGaming8 hours ago

    just watching that stunt women tired me out haha, even her talking pace is fast lol (not being rude btw) she has so much energy, it's amazing!!! This reminds me of the circuit training i use to do, the first few rounds are fine, then it hits you when you least expect it :D

  60. Katherine A.

    Katherine A.8 hours ago

    The designer is so sweet!

  61. spill tea

    spill tea8 hours ago

    what is the ad everyone is talking about?

  62. John Zink

    John Zink8 hours ago

    I almost gaged when you said gamer athalet.

  63. Bruce Doyle

    Bruce Doyle8 hours ago

    Out of all games it has to be fortnite

  64. Sergej Antonov

    Sergej Antonov8 hours ago


  65. Samin Ahsan

    Samin Ahsan8 hours ago

    Wow a hoodie is a very good custom suit

  66. Raymen 26

    Raymen 268 hours ago

    My cusin is a SDPD officer and he was in a downtown shooting and his partner was almost hit bit luckily they r both ok

  67. Ava

    Ava9 hours ago

    She’s so freaking cool

  68. Cyberhawkzz

    Cyberhawkzz9 hours ago

    I mean basically..she can barely swim. Some of my family should've been lifeguards, all of them strong swimmers, and most competed in High School events when they were young. Just some people can swim, some can stay afloat. She's obvious.

  69. Samantha Loser

    Samantha Loser9 hours ago

    PLEASE fnd a big, hard core winterguard and do winterguard for a season ro something, like Avon, Rockford, Red Rock, Georgia State university, etc

  70. Orla Grace

    Orla Grace9 hours ago

    Whi loves Nataile

  71. ThePratherTwins

    ThePratherTwins9 hours ago

    Yes QUEEN!

  72. E.B

    E.B9 hours ago

    Challenge: Appear on an episode of a tv popular tv show.

  73. chitra scarlet

    chitra scarlet9 hours ago

    wow she is such a inspiration for everyone

  74. Sophie Otero Hartell

    Sophie Otero Hartell9 hours ago

    The guy on the grey team is SOOOO fineeeee

  75. Brina Potocnik

    Brina Potocnik9 hours ago

    Can we just pleaseeee aprichiate how amazing the camera, sound, fottage.... and l could go on forever THIS ISBFREAKING AMAZINGGGG i love watching ur videos🤩🥰

  76. Valorant knights

    Valorant knights9 hours ago

    Lol i like that matt guys the wall climb trainer he is nice and funny vicious war cry my vicious war cry is banananananaan

  77. MusicGirl

    MusicGirl9 hours ago

    I wish Michelle was my best friend😭 She is SOOO awesome!

  78. CJ’s Nexus

    CJ’s Nexus9 hours ago

    when he was talking abt the toy it was a bey blade

  79. Rogita0329 Proud child of God

    Rogita0329 Proud child of God10 hours ago

    I understand what you're saying and i love you for that For me personaly, i grew without a mither figure, my mother died when i was 4 so i grew up with my dad, who knew nothing about feminineness like yh,

  80. Musab Maruf

    Musab Maruf10 hours ago

    its basically a rollercoaster on crack