I Tried Lifeguard Academy

Without any prior training, I decided to see how I would fare against some of the world’s best lifeguards. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next Challenge Accepted! :)
Thank you so much to San Diego Lifeguards for showing us a piece of the amazing work you do. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to visit: www.sandiego.gov/lifeguards/about/employ
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  1. Sebastian Perez

    Sebastian Perez18 minutes ago

    The first thing I would do if I was a lifeguard is too do the baywatch famous scene...

  2. Daniela Garcia

    Daniela Garcia19 minutes ago

    ummm sir, never doubt michelle! 🙏🏼 thank you.

  3. Kai McCullins

    Kai McCullins25 minutes ago

    Flashbacks to my own lifeguard training, can confirm its tough. Not as bad as what the San Diego lifeguards do, but lifeguard training HURTS. Glad you did this!!!! Keep it up!!!

  4. Mateusz Witkowski

    Mateusz Witkowski28 minutes ago

    Try a plane pilot

  5. Anzel Ibrahim

    Anzel Ibrahim31 minute ago

    please respond to me do you need a citizenship to apply for karma?

  6. Elanor Allmann

    Elanor Allmann45 minutes ago

    Damn this was so emotional. And rhe dramatic music. The last time she saved Garrett i was crying. 😭🤣

  7. Katarina Giselle

    Katarina GiselleHour ago

    I loved that they finished the 2nd event together! I would LOVE to see if I could challenge myself to do this!

  8. Luminosity

    LuminosityHour ago

    Yeahhh... my thing would be the directions.. like.. swimming is fine.. but DAMN.. my directional skills are 0 .. so good job girl!!

  9. Abi Cookson

    Abi CooksonHour ago

    Michelle: "so, what do we do next?" Next clip: *Michelle dangling off the edge of a cliff*

  10. Melanie Bafia

    Melanie BafiaHour ago

    she’s so gorgeous her skin and her face shape ughhh i want

  11. xx smile

    xx smile2 hours ago

    On the other side of Earth, a group of people in Taiwan are doing the same thing as you. They've just tried the 148th job. I hope one day you can meet them lol. Their channel is called "Muyao 4 Super Playing."

  12. Jaylan Garcia

    Jaylan Garcia2 hours ago

    Try to train like a professional soccer player plz I love your videos😊 they are so amazing

  13. Kyara Offerhaus

    Kyara Offerhaus3 hours ago

    Can you do gymnastics Please i love you video’s

  14. niamh daly

    niamh daly3 hours ago

    So good this is my second video and I’m already addicted

  15. Lizzy is Dizzy vlogs

    Lizzy is Dizzy vlogs4 hours ago

    I challenge you to try to be an equestrian I’m sure you will do great 👍🏻 bc all the challenges you do you rock them 🙂

  16. venom light

    venom light4 hours ago

    it dose not help when she is only 5,3 or 5,2

  17. Epic GamingSkills

    Epic GamingSkills4 hours ago

    I’m only gonna say this once..... she’s literally the jack of all trades

  18. Sunset_ Phoenix

    Sunset_ Phoenix4 hours ago

    Michelle should try learning the violin in six weeks

  19. cool_ royal26

    cool_ royal264 hours ago

    What does she mean its gonna hurt no matter what...?

  20. Heyo Y’all

    Heyo Y’all5 hours ago

    did anyone else see the animal come up at 1:19

  21. Natasha Santana-Viera

    Natasha Santana-Viera6 hours ago

    Why did this episode make me cry 😭 I need to do some reflecting because I started crying at completely normal, non-sad moments! 😂

  22. lonely potato

    lonely potato6 hours ago

    I love the "Garrott, a Professional Drowning Victim"

  23. Lil Hax

    Lil Hax6 hours ago

    WTF are sheee mad if someone drop to rock from 10 fett or heigh she acnt hold him like that she nee stabilizate before push eather omg stupid idiots its just fake tv show ! reallife that man on rocks what drop close water are dead od wheelchair bcs of shee !!§

  24. Brendan Schochet

    Brendan Schochet6 hours ago

    I’m on a swim team and they push us hard but this is very hard

  25. Wadie Faddil

    Wadie Faddil7 hours ago

    I think she should try rhythmic gymnastics

  26. Brooke Boynton

    Brooke Boynton7 hours ago

    16 y/o beach guard here 🥰

  27. Sajda Nagi

    Sajda Nagi7 hours ago

    Try being an astronaut

  28. Ava

    Ava8 hours ago

    She’s so freaking cool

  29. Cyberhawkzz

    Cyberhawkzz8 hours ago

    I mean basically..she can barely swim. Some of my family should've been lifeguards, all of them strong swimmers, and most competed in High School events when they were young. Just some people can swim, some can stay afloat. She's obvious.

  30. Brina Potocnik

    Brina Potocnik9 hours ago

    Can we just pleaseeee aprichiate how amazing the camera, sound, fottage.... and l could go on forever THIS ISBFREAKING AMAZINGGGG i love watching ur videos🤩🥰

  31. c v

    c v10 hours ago

    I binge watch all of these i trained like a _ once every 2 months i love these

  32. Alpha Swat24

    Alpha Swat2410 hours ago

    That was so cool and most in covid 19

  33. leen Abu Hijleh

    leen Abu Hijleh10 hours ago

    Micheal your just amazing! You’ve inspired me so many times! I’m I’m just amazed at how amazing u did at the test without even practicing! Please keep on inspiring us all as we need it right now, I thank you so much!

  34. Roblox Boy

    Roblox Boy10 hours ago

    I want you to go to the swat team and show us what is it like

  35. GuHaAra

    GuHaAra12 hours ago

    Until people like me stop clicking these videos by only seeing the thumbnail without even reading the title , she will try learning and being something.and we will continue being in the couch with potato chips .and some soda tins which i belive make me look cool .

  36. Krisxx Prexnphyeq

    Krisxx Prexnphyeq12 hours ago

    I'll be Wednesday Adams...

  37. Bella

    Bella13 hours ago

    Take me back to the... sweet times! Everything’s gonna be all right in the summertime, BABY IN THE SUMMERTIME! That is where ILL BEEE “YEAH HEEEEEEEAH!”

  38. Graham Love

    Graham Love13 hours ago

    Try ice hockey

  39. AiryPlum D2

    AiryPlum D213 hours ago

    Music at 05:00?

  40. Sora K

    Sora K13 hours ago

    I drowned in my bathtub...

  41. nikkibabe3216

    nikkibabe321614 hours ago

    This was a great video ❤️

  42. Cxmplyy z

    Cxmplyy z14 hours ago

    Awesome Video! You should try Air Force Military Service

  43. Salvador Ramirez Villanueva

    Salvador Ramirez Villanueva15 hours ago

    You haven’t done S.W.A.T

  44. Tiia-Mari Oksanen

    Tiia-Mari Oksanen16 hours ago

    She is the real life barbie!! So many careers!

  45. Zimora

    Zimora16 hours ago


  46. Taco Armadillo

    Taco Armadillo17 hours ago

    Train like a equestrian. And do English riding.

  47. Asmita Gorti

    Asmita Gorti17 hours ago

    This was just nerve-wrecking to watch and I don't know how you did it Michelle and how the lifeguards do it, but hats-off to them. Respect them way more now, thank you soo much for the video! Awesome courage!

  48. spicedragonquill

    spicedragonquill18 hours ago

    Out of all the things you could’ve chosen to do without experience was going up against Chicago Lifeguards- WHAT-

  49. Kris tian

    Kris tian18 hours ago

    21:03 (^.^,)

  50. Sabrina

    Sabrina18 hours ago

    Has Garrett had his iron checked?

  51. Kayloww F.I

    Kayloww F.I18 hours ago

    Big props to you michelle! 👏🏽👏🏽I don’t think I’d last 5 mins.

  52. Anna C.

    Anna C.18 hours ago

    Wonder if it's possible to have her try life as a KPop idol. Clearly when Quarantine is over!

  53. Watch!

    Watch!18 hours ago


  54. Leikar Lam

    Leikar Lam18 hours ago

    Please do a k-pop trainee video

  55. Ruby Perez

    Ruby Perez18 hours ago

    Do 911 Dispatcher next!! 😁👮🏻‍♀️📞

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    Jah18 hours ago

    Oh brad

  57. Miley Garcia

    Miley Garcia18 hours ago

    Woah I think I’ll like this show!

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    Jennifer Jaramillo18 hours ago

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    Ameliaa ._.18 hours ago

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    Carson Jagg19 hours ago

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  61. YT_chadthepro

    YT_chadthepro19 hours ago

    I seen Jesse from Bondi Rescue use the Board a lot

  62. Left Sock

    Left Sock19 hours ago

    Student Loans: *hehe boi*

  63. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi18 hours ago

    I did lifeguard when I was younger. I can do CPR on anyone still and I’ve done it on three boys

  64. Sosa

    Sosa19 hours ago

    I just wasted 30 mins of my life watching someone try lifeguard academy

  65. Blue Jello Gamer

    Blue Jello Gamer19 hours ago

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    Ghostly Presence19 hours ago


  67. Mxdnightdreams

    Mxdnightdreams19 hours ago

    Random person: Hey Michelle, what's your job? Michelle: Yes

  68. Kiana Wilcox

    Kiana Wilcox20 hours ago

    The encouragement is so sweet!

  69. lizziefairyyee

    lizziefairyyee21 hour ago

    As a lifeguard, and a swimmer the no goggles stresses me out,,,, but she did absolutely amazing !,

  70. Rose Austin

    Rose Austin21 hour ago

    Who else thinks she should try EMT academy? Leave a like and repost if you agree.🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


    NICHOLAS BAMRICK21 hour ago

    U should try and become a professional diver or swimmer

  72. Jean Alyssa Langley

    Jean Alyssa Langley22 hours ago

    HEY MICHELLE!!! amazing job girl

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    Milena_eats22 hours ago

    Michelle is so good at all this but if you hate don't watch if you not like it and Michelle is amazing

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    Milena_eats22 hours ago

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  75. • VOLTAGE editZ •

    • VOLTAGE editZ •22 hours ago

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    Tamaratritania Citta Trisnantari23 hours ago

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    Gina CassAt23 hours ago

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    Derrick Sullivan DavisDay ago

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    Lily IlousDay ago

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    Cheryl MacGDay ago

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    Jordan CamilleDay ago


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    Cory AvelarDay ago

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    Jaidan BowersDay ago

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    Alba BazanDay ago

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    illVirgoDay ago

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  94. illVirgo

    illVirgoDay ago

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    Cowgirl TayDay ago

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    illVirgoDay ago

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    Jedi master LopezDay ago

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  99. Saniya S

    Saniya SDay ago

    I was a lifeguard at a pool last summer and all I did was sit in a chair. Ocean lifeguarding seems so hard

  100. Smokey’s life

    Smokey’s lifeDay ago

    Hi Michelle, I am a huge fan and I am going through a lot. I get so much hate and death wishes on social media and school. My parents have done the most they could do to help solve it but it just made it much worse for me. I am like so proud of what I do and I get hate for it. You and your videos are what help me keep pushing and making me smile everyday. You help me more than you know. I am very thankful for you and I am glad to have came over your channel two and a half years ago. I am a proud fan and subscriber. From your biggest fan, Aimee R. Age 12

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